It helps the treatment of waist, joint, and respiratory ailments. Clinical pilates classes are conducted in accordance with your physician’s directive and recommendation after the diagnosis.


8 out of every 10 people are under the influence of skeletal and muscular system problems at leat once during their lifetime. Improper usage of spine, impaired body balance, postural disturbances, prolonged movement in wrong sitting positions and repetition of them, tension in the muscles, fatigue and stress causes painful muscle spasms. As a result, complaints about back and neck pains occur. Rehabilitation can be defined as the reintegration of missing functions, which are disabled in the body. Aim of the rehabilitation is getting back the body function at the highest possible level by using the current capacity of the person who has lost a part of the body function because of disease or injury.

The most important factor that distinguishes pilates method from other exercise methods is the effectiveness in rehabilitation. Whichever muscle group you are exercising in pilates, it is important to consider the muscles around the spine as the first group to exercise equally and balancedly during the exercise time. All exercises are focused on the spine.

In our studios, given exercises are especially concentrates on spinal health and mobilisation and strengthening of the spine is prioritised to have a healthy spine. All of our instructors are fully trained on the degenerations that may arise on the spine and have a high level of experience in solving these problems. Pilates can be effectively used in the treatment of postural disorders, flexibility and balance development and also disability rehabilitation.


Nerve Symptoms
Disk Damage
Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD)
Spinal Stenosis
Degenerative Joint Disease

Shoulder, Hip and Knee Problems

In addition to problems such as osteoporosis (bone erosion), we are designing classes that will improve your daily life quality and provide you a more comfortable day-to-day life by accelerating your spine mobilisation, joint mobilisation and also stabilisation.

Clinical pilates classes are conducted in accordance with your physician’s directive and recommendation after the diagnosis.


• Turkey Gymnastics Federation Pilates Coaching Certificate
• BFTR Anatomy, Mat Pilates Module 1-2, Reformer Module 1-2, Cadillac Module1
• SEAM Academy Pilates in Pregnancy and Postpartum
• Serotonin Akademi Mat Module 1, Reformer Module 1, Cadillac Module 1
• Serotonin Academy Movement Anatomy
• Serotonin Akademi Functional Anatomy and Diseases of Upper Extremity
• Serotonin Akademi Functional Anatomy and Diseases of Lower Extremity
• Serotonin Academy Neck Workshop
• EREPS International Fitness and Exercise Nutrition Certificate

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We are located at Şişli Mecidiyeköy neighbourhood which is at the very center of Istanbul with our friendly, competent and professional team. We invite you to get away from the stress of daily life in a warm and high-class ambience, to exercise and to explore the world of Pilates. We look forward to meet you at CoreLab if you are looking for a studio where you can safely exercise for a healthier and fit life.


In order to facilitate your access to our pilates studio in intense city life of Istanbul, we are located at five minutes walk away from metro and metrobus stations at Mecidiyekoy.


All our instructors are graduated from sport academy, they have required expertise and certifications. We are glad to share all our certifications with our dear esteemed members.


If you exercise regularly with our qualified instructors at least 2 times a week, we guarentee you to obtain desired results after having 20 sessions.