Have a formed and strong body by doing pilates during your pregnancy and post-natal period. Pilates exercises will help beloved mother to be ladies to have an easier and more comfortable delivery, and a quick recovery period.


Do you know that by doing pilates during your pregnancy and post-natal period, you can have a formed and strong body? Through pilates exercises, we aim to prepare beloved mother to be ladies to have an easier and more comfortable baby delivery, and a quick recovery period from deformations that may arise after childbirth.

It is very important for mother to be ladies to have pregnant pilates classes in company with experienced and certified pilates instructors. First of all, we advise you to consult your physician who follows your pregnancy and obtain information about your health condition. It has to be confirmed by your physician that you can do pilates.Pregnancy pilates exercise program varies according to the gestational week, it is important to go through a program which is suitable for your gestational week.

What Are The Benefits of Pilates During Pregnancy Period?

A Straight Posture

Along with your growing stomach, the center of gravity of your body changes and the increase in waist curve increases the load on your spine. By the correct pelvic placement provided by the exercises, your back muscles are prevented from being trapped. As the back and leg muscles are flexed, the load on the waist region will decrease.

A More Flexible Body

During your pilates exercises, your body will get flexible, your coarctations(if you have) will be relaxed and if you ejaculated or painful, your complaints will be alleviated. Pregnant women who plan to have a normal birth are best prepared for the delivery process by doing pilates.

Solution to Oedema Problems

During your pregnancy, you can easily remove your pregnancy oedema out of your body which can be felt on your hands, ankles or in various parts of your body.

Positive Pregnancy Psychology

By learning to use your breath correctly during pilates exercises, you will be less affected by the emotional fluctuations experienced during pregnancy. Proper breathing techniques will also affect your sleep patterns and quality in a positive way.

Solution to Muscle and Skeletal Problems

Skeletal and muscular systems benefit greatly by regularly performing pilates exercises for patients with spinal disorders, hernias, muscle problems, congenital hip dislocations. For pregnancies with this type of problems, pre-pregnancy pilates exercises will prepare their bodies for the physical changes which they will have during pregnancy.

An Easier Birth

Pilates exercises will strengthen your abdominal muscles, your balance and concentration control will increase. On this count your normal birth concentration will increase and you will be able to control your body more easily during birth.

A Comfortable Period of Puerperality

Your uterus, extended and loosened abdominal muscles will recover much more easily and quickly after birth.

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